What is Carrageenan application?

Carrageenan can be utilized in many applications for its ability to gel, thicken and to stabilize products.  As a replacement for gelatin in dessert gels, kappa Carrageenan can be used in combination with Locust Bean Gum, as well as iota Carrageenan, to create a resilient, non-brittle gel similar to gelatin.  The synergy between kappa Carrageenan and Locust Bean Gum improves the product to create a high strength gel with more elasticity while removing the syneresis typically associated with kappa gels.  When combined with starch, Carrageenan can be used to create an egg-less custard for milk puddings and pie fillings.  In milk beverages, Carrageenan is an effective stabilizer in preventing settling and adding a smooth mouth feel to the final product.  Carrageenans can also be used in cheese, ice cream, bakery applications as well as meat, fish, and poultry.